Keith Nelson

Personal Salvation Testimony:  Growing up I was full of pride, a bad attitude, and found myself always getting into fights. It's a miracle that I am alive today.  Several of my cousins have lost their lives due to violence.  Today, I fight for the Lord and feel blessed each and every day to know Him. God not only changed my conduct, but he saved my life.  God took my bad attitude and pride and brought joy and humility.  

Athletic background:  Basketball and track ( Doyline High and Harding University in Searcy, Arkansas)                    

How Long have you been with Lifted in Faith:  since Feb 2011           

Most you have ever bench pressed:  445Ibs     

What is something about you no one would expect?:  I like drawing  

Home church:  St. James B.C. in Minden La   

Where were you born:  Minden, LA  

Other ministry involvement other than LIF:  I’m an adult Sunday school teacher, I like singing, and am a minister at St. James Baptist Church in Minden, La   

Favorite feat of strength:  Bending  steel bars.   

Favorite part of being a team member of LIF:  The fellowship with the people, pastors, children and telling the world about Jesus!!!   

Height/Weight:  6”2” 255ibs   

Favorite food:  Pasta   

Favorite place to eat:  My Mom's house!   

Outside of Jesus, who inspires you:  My family, church, and my daughter.    

Favorite Sport:  Track   

What do you like most about speaking to students in school assemblies: I like giving them HOPE!!   

What motivates you to share the Gospel with inmates in prisons:  I’m free spiritually and physically, and I’m no different than those in prison. It could have easily been me behind bars, and I would have wanted someone to come and share the Good News with me.