Justin Isaacs

 Personal Salvation Testimony: At 19 years old, due to a lifestyle of drugs, alcohol, and addiction, I ended up in a jail cell where I heard about Jesus for the first time. A couple days after being there, I laid on the floor listening to others talk about fasting and prayer, and speaking about God. At this point I didn’t know much about the Lord, but I did know I was tired of the drug life. I knew I would soon be dead. So I cried out to God with everything I had in me and asked him to help me. I had no idea that I was going to end up in Ft. Myers, FL at a place called Teen Challenge for the next year of my life. I soon realized what I was missing all along and decided to give my life totally to Jesus, and for me, I knew there was no going back! Since going to the Teen Challenge program in 2007, I have built a relationship with Jesus Christ and learned who He really is. I have learned so much about the Lord and about myself. I wake up every day and embrace Him now and take the opportunity to learn more and grow closer to God. My heart and mind have been completely restored and now I have a great desire to help people who are like I once was. I am now a staff member at Teen Challenge in Delaware where I live with my family. God has restored everything back to me that sin had robbed from me and given back so much 


Family: Erica (wife), Elijah (son), Ramiyah (daughter)

Height /Weight: 6’3” 285lbs

Favorite Food: Hot wings

Favorite place to eat: Buffalo Wild Wings

Athletic background/achievements: Amateur Powerlifting

Most you have ever squated: 560lbs

Most you have ever bench pressed: 435lbs

Most you have ever deadlifted:  677lbs

How long have you been with Lifted in Faith:
since August 2014

What activities do you enjoy: Spending time with my family, lifting weights, and riding my motorcycle

What is something about you no one would expect: I enjoy writing

What do you hope to accomplish with your life: To love my family and those around me in a way that others can know that JESUS is everything.