Church Outreach

Church Crusades 
(2-3 days)These events are typically a Friday - Sunday outreach geared toward the local community through our nightly strength shows and services. These crusades can include our action-packed schools assemblies within the local school district.  Our staff and easy step-by-step crusade guide will help you with all the promotional needs and resources in order to ensure an organized and successful event.                   

One-day Church Event 
One day church event - great outreach opportunity!  Can be combined with several local churches!  Easy way to invite people in the community to your church! Amazing feats of strength done by the Lifted in Faith team along with personal testimonies of salvation and the power of God.  Perfect for churches of all sizes. Click here to schedule the team for your next church event.  These type of events are available year-round.

For each church event, we provide promotional materials customized to your church needs.  Materials such as posters, flyers, video clips, event tickets, and so forth. We work closely with your church staff to ensure the event runs smoothly and is well-organized. Have questions? Want to book your church event? Contact us here.